Bride and Groom at Rodbaston hall Heart Weddings

Sophie & Rob Rodbaston Hall Wedding

Rodbaston Hall wedding is a very popular choice for couples looking for a more intimate wedding in superb surroundings, the gardens at Rodbaston Hall are the envy of many, Rodbaston Hall presents huge photo opportunities for any Wedding Photographer, Sophie and Rob booked our wedding Photography services in March 2015 that seems ages ago now and chose this venue for their wedding day.  We started off with the boyz, at Sophie and Robs home in Heath Hayes Cannock, Rob and Mike have known each other for many years was certain to bring some fun into the house.  The weather was starting to be a little unfair and wet, but it later gave way to give us a wonderful day with perfect weather. Moving on to the brides mums home  Sue & Paul, so we could capture the events of Sophie and the Girls, Sarah, Molly, Megan and Lily getting ready. mum made me a lovely coffee while we were taking shots of the flowers and shoes, amazing shoes!!! . The wedding was held at St Marks Church in Great Wyrley, with REV, Morris Price who was just great to work with and kindly allowing me to take shots of the Bride and Groom at the Alter which is quite rare these days, I so very fluffy as you can imagine.

Moving on to Rodbaston Hall we were greeted by Angela Collier (wedding Co-ordinator at Rodbaston Hall)  who made us all feel so welcome, the room looked stunning. well done to Angela. After the wedding Breakfast came the speeches one of our favourite times of the wedding day with lots of humour and dry wit, ( Brides Dad)  For me it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of Sophie and Robs wedding day, I would like to thank you both so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. The Complete Gallery of images is now available to view on the couple private online Gallery Please ask Sophie and Rob for the password, enjoy, have fun, love you all, Jon & Max

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