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Natasha & James Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Natasha & James chose a Stanbrook Abbey wedding which is perhaps one of the most stunning wedding venues in Worcestershire to become the new Mr & Mrs Holloway. Autumn colours are always gorgeous at Stanbrook especially in mid October, wonderful colour and vibrance in the simplest of photographs of the Abbey. Natasha was being looked after by one of the most popular make up Artist in Worcestershire, Brook Price of Beauty Luxe Pro (Founder) if you want to look stunning Brooke will make you feel incredible. We found the groom (James) and Matt who is the grooms brother and Bestman with the rest of the boys in the fashionable bar near the main entrance to Stanbrook Abbey enjoying some light refreshment lol, the rain had stopped so we managed to get out and about to take some candid shots of everyone.. all eight of them. In the great hall the ladies from Powick church were warming up for ceremony, as you can imagine the sound was just incredible.  Natasha’s wedding dress was amazing, oh and the shoes just blew me away (Ted Baker) Maxine had to stop me taking pictures of them. All the girls, Emily, Charlotte, Sarah and Kim where getting ready and looking after the bride in the manor. The Brides Manor is a must, a perfect place to prepare and relax before you walk down one of Stanbrooks many beautiful walkways into the main hall. the day went so quickly, with everyone enjoying the celebrations long into the night. I was thrilled to have been able the share Natasha & James wedding day at Stanbrook Abbey, surely a wedding to remember. A huge thank you to everyone who made us feel so welcome, special thank you to Bernice & David, Jo & Mike, and not forgetting all the staff at Stanbrook Abbey. Wishing you both all the happiness in your new lives together, Jon and Maxine.

A Stanbrook Abbey  autumn wedding is simply amazing.

Stanbrook Abbey wedding venue in Worcestershire

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