Lisa & Steve Pershore Abbey Wedding

Lisa & Steve Pershore Abbey wedding, Pershore Abbey is perhaps one of the most stunning places to get married in Worcestershire, its huge, immense, wondrous and beautiful, and old. You can see the Abbey towering above Pershore town from miles around. Lisa and Steve decided that Pershore Abbey was the place for them. We started with the guys at the Angel Inn which is situated in the heart of the market town of Pershore, close to the banks of the River Avon, the Hotel is of Tudor origin offers something for everyone including ice cold beer. We found the guys in the bar enjoyed very early refreshment Steve appeared quite relaxed so we went for a stroll to take some shots of the main man. On the way to the Abbey we visited Lisa’s home which was a hive of activity we managed to get some shots of Lisa’s details like shoes & flowers. The weather again proved to be unhappy, windy too.. which was very unusual for this time of year. The Reception was held at a village hall in Peopleton which is just a short distance from the Abbey. We would love the extend our sincere thanks to all of Lisa & Steves family and friends who made us feel so welcome and made sure we had plenty of refreshments thank you guys. Any way thats enough from me, lets take a look at some of the highlights from Lisa & Steve’s wedding day in Pershore Worcestershire.

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