Charlotte & Matt Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Stanbrook Abbey wedding

Charlotte & Matt’s wedding at Stanbrook Abbey was such a wonderful early spring day with the sun looking down on us for most of the day. We met up with Charlotte & Matt just a few days earlier just to go through the day and take another look around the Abbey. The wedding ceremony and reception were all held at Stanbrook and the great hall, not forgetting the bride’s manor. Stanbrook can be incredible photogenic with its spectacular architecture, everywhere you look the picture opportunities are boundless. We spent most of the morning with Charlotte and the girls, (Rosie you’re a gem lol) Whiskey and cigars with the guys, from the offset we knew that we were in for an amazing day. Charlotte WOW was simply stunning in her wedding dress from Perfections in Worcester and that smile that she carries all day long, what more can I say “Matt your lucky guy” to help them celebrate with the happy couple lots of family and friends who made us feel so welcome. A huge thank you all. Special mention to Allison and Family who traveled all the way from New Zealand to be apart of Charlotte and Matt’s wedding day. Here are a few words from Charlotte. HOW DID YOU BOTH MEET? French class at high school Aged 15. WHAT WAS THE PROPOSAL LIKE?  Romantic!!! in Amsterdam, with rose petals & champagne. HOW DID YOU FIND WEDDING PLANNING? Quite enjoyable, as long as you don’t worry about the small stuff. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE STANBROOK ABBEY AS YOUR VENUE? Unique and Special, The Grooms room, & Brides manor, the lovely Callow hall, all perfect for the civil ceremony that we wanted,  WHAT IS GOING TO BE YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF THE DAY? When we are announced officially Mr & Mrs. Archer… Thank you so much again for asking us to be your wedding photographer, both myself and Max loved being a part of your wedding day, wishing you both every happiness and a wonderful life together. Jon & Max… from Heart Weddings

Here are a selection of photographs taken on the day, enjoy.

Stanbrook Abbey Stanbrook Abbey Stanbrook Abbey Stanbrook Abbey Stanbrook Abbey Stanbrook Abbey

Stanbrook Abbey

Stanbrook Abbey by Heartweddings

Wedding Dress, Perfections, Worcester. Shoes, The Rainbow Club. Hair, Heidi Ord. MUA. Aleksandra Guz. Flowers, Wedding house Worcester. Suits. Greenwoods. Cakes, Rachels Cakes. Music, Capriccio Quartet. Photography, heart weddings by Jo Allen Photography.


Wedding Pre-shoot with Natalie & Tom

Wedding pre-shoots on location are one of the best ways to over come your fear or shyness in front of a camera. This year in particular pre-shoots have been very popular with our couples. Natalie & Tom who are getting married at Birmingham, botanical gardens in 2017 enjoyed a early autumn shoot at one of our favourite locations, Arley Arboretum, nr Bridgnorth. Arley is a fairly quiet location which helps couples relax and enjoy their shoot. Autumn is particularly colourful at Arley with all the trees starting turn into stunning colours which makes for some lovely backdrops to the photographs. Here is a selection of photographs of Natalie & Tom as we walked around Arley.

Pre-shoot at Arley Arboretum

Wedding Pre-shoot nat-tom-blog_0002 nat-tom-blog_0003 nat-tom-blog_0004 nat-tom-blog_0005 nat-tom-blog_0006 nat-tom-blog_0007 nat-tom-blog_0008 nat-tom-blog_0009 nat-tom-blog_0010 nat-tom-blog_0011 nat-tom-blog_0012 nat-tom-blog_0013 nat-tom-blog_0014 nat-tom-blog_0015 nat-tom-blog_0016

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Samantha & Rob Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Weddings at Stanbrook Abbey

During late autumn we find ourselves photographing a wedding at Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire. Samantha & Rob chose this amazing venue to start their new lives together. Our day started of with Rob and the boys outside the impressive main entrance, we enjoyed a stroll up one of the avenues where all the trees were in their autumn glory to take a few shots, all twelve of them. While the girls ( Lucy, Nikki, Katie, Jenna, Abbie, Freya,) were getting ready in the main hotel we covered the main function room and photographed all the wonderful details on the tables. Samantha & Rob were saying their vows in the Great Hall which is simply breathtaking and quite unique. If you ever visit Stanbrook Abbey its well worth going to check it out. After the speeches we were treated to a live local band who kept the dance floor full for the rest of the evening. I would like to share with you all a selection of highlights from Samantha & Robs wedding. We must say a huge thank you to everyone at Stanbrook Abbey and of course a special thank you to Samantha & Rob’s family and friends who made us feel so welcome during then day. Love and happiness to you all, thank you so much for allowing us the share your day.

Jon & Max


Stanbrook Abbey wedding

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Natasha & James Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Natasha & James chose a Stanbrook Abbey wedding which is perhaps one of the most stunning wedding venues in Worcestershire to become the new Mr & Mrs Holloway. Autumn colours are always gorgeous at Stanbrook especially in mid October, wonderful colour and vibrance in the simplest of photographs of the Abbey. Natasha was being looked after by one of the most popular make up Artist in Worcestershire, Brook Price of Beauty Luxe Pro (Founder) if you want to look stunning Brooke will make you feel incredible. We found the groom (James) and Matt who is the grooms brother and Bestman with the rest of the boys in the fashionable bar near the main entrance to Stanbrook Abbey enjoying some light refreshment lol, the rain had stopped so we managed to get out and about to take some candid shots of everyone.. all eight of them. In the great hall the ladies from Powick church were warming up for ceremony, as you can imagine the sound was just incredible.  Natasha’s wedding dress was amazing, oh and the shoes just blew me away (Ted Baker) Maxine had to stop me taking pictures of them. All the girls, Emily, Charlotte, Sarah and Kim where getting ready and looking after the bride in the manor. The Brides Manor is a must, a perfect place to prepare and relax before you walk down one of Stanbrooks many beautiful walkways into the main hall. the day went so quickly, with everyone enjoying the celebrations long into the night. I was thrilled to have been able the share Natasha & James wedding day at Stanbrook Abbey, surely a wedding to remember. A huge thank you to everyone who made us feel so welcome, special thank you to Bernice & David, Jo & Mike, and not forgetting all the staff at Stanbrook Abbey. Wishing you both all the happiness in your new lives together, Jon and Maxine.

A Stanbrook Abbey  autumn wedding is simply amazing.

Stanbrook Abbey wedding venue in Worcestershire

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Katy & Brett Wedding Pre-Shoot Bewdley

Katy & Brett |Wedding Pre-shoot | Bewdley |Worcestershire

Katy & Brett, what an awesome couple to enjoy a wedding preshoot, so relaxed and a joy to work with.  Bewdley is a small town on the river Severn and boasts some stunning views over the river and is renown for it pubs and shopping. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon. We decided to take a stroll around the streets of Bewdley and along  the river severn, checking out the shops, waterside artists. We must mention and warn you….. as you walk past Bewdley’s Bridge which is right next to Bewdley’s famous fish n chip shop, the aroma is just sooo mouth watering.. OMG maybe later….. Carrying on we enjoyed typical autumn weather with golden leaves which made for a stunning colourful backdrop, just perfect for a wedding pre-shoot. Next summer we will be photographing Kay & Brett’s wedding at one of the most stunning and much sought after venues in Worcestershire, Brockencote Hall, Brockencote is perhaps one of our all time favourite wedding venues. . really looking forward to the wedding. Here are a selection of shots taken during our little stroll.

 Thanks guys for being just you. XX Wedding Pre-shoot wedding pre-shoot katy-brett_0009 katy-brett_0010 katy-brett_0011 katy-brett_0012 katy-brett_0013 katy-brett_0014 katy-brett_0015 katy-brett_0016 katy-brett_0017 katy-brett_0018 katy-brett_0019 katy-brett_0020 katy-brett_0021 katy-brett_0022 katy-brett_0023 katy-brett_0024 katy-brett_0025 katy-brett_0026 katy-brett_0027 katy-brett_0028 katy-brett_0029 katy-brett_0030 katy-brett_0031 katy-brett_0032 katy-brett_0033 katy-brett_0034 katy-brett_0035 katy-brett_0036 katy-brett_0037 katy-brett_0038 katy-brett_0039

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Jessica & Chris Stourport Manor Wedding

Worcester Wedding Photography

We just enjoyed Jessica & Chris’s intimate Stourport Manor wedding so much not sure how to start. During August we had some lovely sunny days and this was no exception, blue skys were the order of the day. The wedding day started at the manor with Chris and the boyz, there are some great areas to photograph in the hotel and is always one of my favourite places to photograph a wedding. The girls who were all excited and getting ready up stairs, Jessica was soon ready dress  so we could a time taking some gorgeous shots. Jessica was amazing so relaxed and looking stunning in her dress. The wedding was in two parts, after the main civil ceremony, Chris and Jessica enjoyed a traditional Chinese tea ceremony which for everyone was fasinating and so welcoming.  As the day moved on we all had some drinks canapés, groups shots all done it was really a very happy occasion with every one smiling and happy, truly a wonderful wedding. When posting this blog it was hard to choose a selection of images as there is so many favs, so here you go a little taster, go and make a cuppa tea and enjoy.

Huge Thank you the Brett Harrison Manager go the Stourport Manor and all the suppliers who made the wedding one to remember.  Our sincere thanks to Chris and Jessica for giving us the honour of photographing their wedding day.  Jon & Max xxx  Worcestershire wedding photographers. Chinese wedding photography.

Stourport Manor Wedding ,Wedding Photography in Worcester, Heart WeddingsWedding Photography in Worcester
jessica-chris-blog_0002 jessica-chris-blog_0003 jessica-chris-blog_0004 jessica-chris-blog_0005 jessica-chris-blog_0006 jessica-chris-blog_0007 jessica-chris-blog_0008 jessica-chris-blog_0009 jessica-chris-blog_0010 jessica-chris-blog_0011 jessica-chris-blog_0012 jessica-chris-blog_0013 jessica-chris-blog_0014 jessica-chris-blog_0015 jessica-chris-blog_0016 jessica-chris-blog_0017 jessica-chris-blog_0018 jessica-chris-blog_0019Chinese weddings in Worcester, Wedding Photography in Worcester jessica-chris-blog_0020 jessica-chris-blog_0021 jessica-chris-blog_0022 jessica-chris-blog_0023 jessica-chris-blog_0024 jessica-chris-blog_0025 jessica-chris-blog_0026 jessica-chris-blog_0027 jessica-chris-blog_0028 jessica-chris-blog_0029 jessica-chris-blog_0030 jessica-chris-blog_0031 jessica-chris-blog_0033 jessica-chris-blog_0034 jessica-chris-blog_0035 jessica-chris-blog_0036 jessica-chris-blog_0037 jessica-chris-blog_0038


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Sophie & Rob Rodbaston Hall Wedding

Rodbaston Hall wedding is a very popular choice for couples looking for a more intimate wedding in superb surroundings, the gardens at Rodbaston Hall are the envy of many, Rodbaston Hall presents huge photo opportunities for any Wedding Photographer, Sophie and Rob booked our wedding Photography services in March 2015 that seems ages ago now and chose this venue for their wedding day.  We started off with the boyz, at Sophie and Robs home in Heath Hayes Cannock, Rob and Mike have known each other for many years was certain to bring some fun into the house.  The weather was starting to be a little unfair and wet, but it later gave way to give us a wonderful day with perfect weather. Moving on to the brides mums home  Sue & Paul, so we could capture the events of Sophie and the Girls, Sarah, Molly, Megan and Lily getting ready. mum made me a lovely coffee while we were taking shots of the flowers and shoes, amazing shoes!!! . The wedding was held at St Marks Church in Great Wyrley, with REV, Morris Price who was just great to work with and kindly allowing me to take shots of the Bride and Groom at the Alter which is quite rare these days, I so very fluffy as you can imagine.

Moving on to Rodbaston Hall we were greeted by Angela Collier (wedding Co-ordinator at Rodbaston Hall)  who made us all feel so welcome, the room looked stunning. well done to Angela. After the wedding Breakfast came the speeches one of our favourite times of the wedding day with lots of humour and dry wit, ( Brides Dad)  For me it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of Sophie and Robs wedding day, I would like to thank you both so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. The Complete Gallery of images is now available to view on the couple private online Gallery Please ask Sophie and Rob for the password, enjoy, have fun, love you all, Jon & Max

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Wedding Venue: Rodbaston Hall, Penkridge, Go Here  Wedding Car by Elite Wedding Car Hire
Rodbaston Hall Wedding, Heart Weddings by Jon Allen photography sophie-rob_0001 sophie-rob_0002 sophie-rob_0003 sophie-rob_0004 sophie-rob_0005 sophie-rob_0006 sophie-rob_0007 sophie-rob_0008 sophie-rob_0009 sophie-rob_0010 sophie-rob_0011 sophie-rob_0012 sophie-rob_0013 sophie-rob_0014 sophie-rob_0015 sophie-rob_0016 sophie-rob_0017 sophie-rob_0018 sophie-rob_0019 sophie-rob_0020 sophie-rob_0021 sophie-rob_0022 sophie-rob_0023 sophie-rob_0024 sophie-rob_0025 sophie-rob_0026 sophie-rob_0027 sophie-rob_0028 sophie-rob_0029 sophie-rob_0030 sophie-rob_0031 sophie-rob_0032 sophie-rob_0033 sophie-rob_0034 sophie-rob_0035 sophie-rob_0036 sophie-rob_0037 sophie-rob_0038 sophie-rob_0039 sophie-rob_0040 sophie-rob_0041 sophie-rob_0042 sophie-rob_0043 sophie-rob_0044 sophie-rob_0045 sophie-rob_0046 sophie-rob_0047 sophie-rob_0048 sophie-rob_0049 sophie-rob_0050 sophie-rob_0051 sophie-rob_0052 sophie-rob_0053 sophie-rob_0054 sophie-rob_0055 sophie-rob_0056 sophie-rob_0057 sophie-rob_0058 sophie-rob_0059 sophie-rob_0060 sophie-rob_0061 sophie-rob_0062 sophie-rob_0063 sophie-rob_0064 sophie-rob_0065 sophie-rob_0066 sophie-rob_0067 sophie-rob_0068 sophie-rob_0069 sophie-rob_0070 sophie-rob_0071 sophie-rob_0072 sophie-rob_0073

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Rebecca & Matt Wedding at Spetchley Park

 Spetchley Park Gardens

As Worcestershire wedding photographers we recently photographed Rebecca & Matt’s wedding at Spetchley Park. We have been looking forward to Rebecca & Matts wedding for what seems ages. Our first meeting was back in May 2015, Rebecca & Matt who lives in Malvern were looking for relaxed natural wedding photography to fit in with their special day at Spetchley Park Gardens in Worcestershire. Spetchley Park is a country bath stone mansion standing in 4500 acres of gardens and parkland in the hamlet of Spetchley, near Worcester with views of the Malvern hill in the distance. The house and park are separately Grade II* listed. Wikipedia. The wedding celebrations were held in a huge Marquee in the grounds of this stunning grand house overlooking superb gardens, lakes, white wrought iron bridges, and deer park, Our day started with the guys at a stunning period cottage ( Tickeridge Farm) in Hanley Swan, Worcestershire, Rebecca’s mum had hired the cottage for the guys to stay in before the wedding. The cottage was just perfect for us to take some great shots of Matt, Jez (Bestman) and of course not forgetting Stella.  We met the girls at Rebecca’s home in Malvern and greeted with the usual laughter, makeup, and dresses. while getting ready the Bridesmaids received a wonderful gift from Rebecca  ICE FINE Jewellery, a gorgeous blue gemstone necklace presented in a box with an engraved “Thank you” message from Matt & Becks, the girls were well pleased. Check out some the bridesmaid’s shots at Rebecca’s home. The civil ceremony was held in the Willmot room within the converted stable yard within the grounds of Spetchley just a minutes walk to the front gardens and the Marquee. After the ceremony, Rebecca and Matt (as cool and relaxed as ever)  and the New Mr & Mrs. Maybanks danced down the aisle and made there way over to where everyone had gathered to wish them well. Not many people like group shots but we love them and without exception, I can honestly say we had such a ball with loads of craziness fun and laughter it was great, even the odd shower did not dampen their spirits, with the group shots completed, now for some clay pigeon shooting!!!  you can guess the rest… this was how the whole day progressed, just brilliant, a great day for west midland wedding photographers. I would like to say a huge thanks to Jez, for being such a rock for us all, the bridesmaids, Emma, Chloe and Jennie for just being gorgeous. A special thanks to everyone who made us feel so welcome. Lastly to Matt & Becks, we are so overwhelmed at your kindness and the love you have for each other, it was such an experience. Thank you so much for asking Max and myself to be a part of your wedding day. So let’s go, guys, check our very small selection of images from the day. Jon xxx

Rebecca & Matt wedding at Spetchley Park rebecca-matt_0002 rebecca-matt_0003 Spetchley Gardens