Heart Weddings Photography Wedding Pre-shoot

Arley Wedding Pre-shoot with Aimee & Stuart

Arley wedding Pre-shoot. Lately we find that more couples are booking wedding pre-shoots to give them little experience with regard to what it’s really like to be in front of a camera instead of  the usual selfies. Aimee and Stuart who are getting married in July at the Mill Barns  Alverley Nr Bridgnorth enjoyed their Arley wedding Pre-shoot at our favourite location Arley Arboretum nr Bridgnorth. The weather was just perfect with some warm hazy sunshine, the gardens were quiet which was surprising considering it such a gorgeous day and with not so many people rambling around it’s more comfortable if your a little self conscious.  No Posing !!!  I like to think that our wedding pre-shoots are relaxed and real, we do not try to pose couples in any particular way which makes couples more relaxed and natural. “Keep it real and natural”  Here is a selection of photographs from Aimee and Stuart’s shoot before we all dived into the coffee shop. For everyones interest the large exotic bird like flower that Aimee & Stuart are looking at are often called Birds of Paradise ( Crane Flower ) it’s native to South Africa and flowers from September through to May ( Strelizia )

Wedding Preshoot ny Heart Weddings Photography

Heart Weddings Photography by Jon Allen, | Location Arely Arboretum nr Bridgnorth


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